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SBA Lenders is an innovative financial services company.  Formed by a dedicated, business focused, banking executive, who has over 40 years of experience in providing financing transactions to the business community.  

SBA Lenders and its principal officer Tony Saya are in the business of advising/consulting with small businesses who are seeking to raise capital.  Very often this guidance is provided through the placement of debt.  Typically, small to medium size businesses are undercapitalized.  Many of these businesses have created a business model that creates a sufficient income stream to support debt service capabilities.

 Mr. Saya has over 30 years of direct experience in the niche financing segment known as SBA.  SBA financing is provided via several US government programs that provide capital assistance to business seeking capital.  These programs are made available through banks, credit union and 14 SBA authorized non- bank lenders.  Mr. Saya personally worked for 3 of these non- bank lenders and 3 banks.

Since the 2008 recession, the small businesses segment of our country has found that obtaining capital from conventional sources such as Banks, Credit Unions has become extremely hard to obtain because of regulator dictated credit models.  

SBA Lenders actively provides guidance and assists in the debt placement arena.  Our services have allowed companies to acquire fixed assets such as; real estate or equipment, refinance current debt obligations to improve cash flow, provide increased working capital, and implement strategies for turnaround situations or transfer the capital ownership to another owners(s) these activities generally occur through the placement of debt or other capital raising activities.  

During the last several years, SBA Lenders has identified and worked with a group of lenders that are willing to fund the small business segment and do it on generally reasonable terms and interest rates.  Many of these lenders participate in programs that include financial incentives to the lenders for making these loans.  These businesses are regulated and are in the business to make a profit and do follow risk management strategies.  Very often, these strategies are more creative than conservative conventional financial institutions.  The underwriting models of these programs are generally flexible and allow for flexibility in approval by the lenders to comply with the underwriting models of the participant agencies or insurers.

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